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We harness the power of Assistive Intelligence to transform traditional learning environments, enabling personalized educational experiences that empower students and educators alike.
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Adaptive Learning
Learning Buddy
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FTF Learn

FTF Learn reshapes education by personalizing learning with AI. We empower students to thrive, support educators in delivering effective instruction, and keep parents fully informed. Our goal is to replace the outdated "one size fits all" model with a system that adapts to each individual's needs.

Students have the freedom to generate their own curriculum experiences based on their interests and goals. Dive into a world where you control what and how you learn, creating a truly tailored educational journey that fits your unique needs.


Engage with interactive content designed to fit your learning style and pace. From foundational knowledge to advanced topics, everything you need to succeed is right here, organized and accessible at any time.


Our checkpoints offer various activities and quizzes to test your knowledge, providing real-time feedback to help you understand concepts thoroughly. It’s about mastering the material and seeing your progress every step of the way.

Assisstive Intelligence that handles it all.
Our Assistive Intelligence technology acts as your behind-the-scenes partner, handling nuanced instruction delivery to ensure a seamless unique educational experience.
Aurora acts as a learning buddy and adapts to individual learning styles and paces, providing timely resources to maximize educational impact for each user.
Track educational growth in real time with a dashboard that provides clear insights into student progress.
Aurora effortlessly captures and organizes educational data, ensuring both studnets and educators align.
Link insights to AI analytics for deeper understanding and decision-making for students, parents and educators.